Kurhotel Mar y Sol S.L.
Avda Amsterdam 8
38650 Los Cristianos / Tenerife
Tel. +34 922-750-540
Fax +34 922-795-473

About us

The idea for the "Mar y Sol" project in Tenerife originated in 1975. Mr. Fischer used to spend his holidays with his wife in Los Cristianos, at that time a small fishing-village. His wife suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and Mr. Fischer noted the marked benefit that the local climate had upon her condition. and therefore conceived the idea of creating a holiday resort for people with MS and a host of other neurological and rheumatic conditions.
It proved a long and difficult path to bring this concept to fruition. Mr. Fischer resigned his executive position at a German energy company, taking a leap of faith to create a holiday resort for the disabled and their families. He persevered with this project even when his wife sadly died.
The Mar y Sol Hotel was inaugurated in 1990. Since 1995 Mr. Fischer has lived in Tenerife with his second wife, Mrs. Elli Baum-Fischer, and his two children Ina and Thomas, and he continues to manage the hotel resort.
The Mar y Sol was the first hotel in Europe, if not in the world, designed to be wheelchair accessible throughout. "TeraLava", the modern therapy centre, is part of the resort and managed by Mrs. Elli Baum-Fischer herself.
During all these years Mr. Fischer has insisted that the hotel meets the highest standards that can be expected of a quality resort hotel for the disabled and the elderly. Thanks to ongoing development and improvement we consider that the Mar y Sol offers the finest conditions in order to ensure relaxing and lively holidays for the disabled and the able-bodied.
Mrs. Renate Kraus has been leading the hotel management team with Mr. Fischer since 2007 and has contributed fresh ideas to further enrich the atmosphere and develop the facilities.
The staff of the Mar y Sol welcome their guests with understanding and sensitivity, so creating this special, familiar and friendly atmosphere. This is surely the reason why so many of our clients feel so completely at home with us and why so many choose to return.
Company policy: Quality and universal accessibility
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