Sport centre



Our fully wheelchair-accessible sports hall is situated right in the hotel. The full dimensions of the hall are 23,65m x 22,65m with a clearance of 5,80m. The sports hall has a top-notch sprung oak floor throughout. Male and female changing rooms are adjacent.

The dimensions of the main play area are 22,65m x 13,40m and this is marked out for basketball, wheelchair-rugby, electric wheelchair hockey and two badminton courts. Corresponding baskets, goals and nets have also been installed. Adjacent to this there is a smaller area with an indoor-boccia court (valid for international tournaments) and extra basketball training baskets. The sports hall provides space for several table-tennis tables, including the corresponding barriers around them. Sports equipment such as balls, rackets, scoreboards and audio facilities are also available.

This multi-purpose facility can cater for a further range of indoor activities (e.g. gymnastics, popular sports, dance and wheelchair mobility courses) for both the disabled and able-bodied. The sports hall provides ideal conditions for training camps, youth camps, extension courses, trainer education and, above all, is capable of hosting international tournaments.